Honoring César Chávez

César Chávez’s message of being of service and working to improve the lives of others is just as relevant today in 2017 as it was in 1962 when he and Dolores Huerta, co-founded the National Farm Workers Association.

He lived a life dedicated to being of service and to improving the lives of the hard working men and women that harvest our food.  His slogan ‘Si, se puede’ or ‘Yes, it can be done,’ became the rallying cry for Barack Obama’s first presidential campaign and indeed our nation.

César Chávez continues to influence, inspire and remind us all that we have a responsibility to our youth—who will lead our community in the future—to speak out against injustice and champion the human and civil rights of others.

For many of us who have dedicated ourselves to social justice and the betterment of our communities, the struggle continues and requires us all to do our part. He demonstrated to the world, the importance and power of simply taking a stand to fight inequality.

We can honor his achievements by remaining committed to building upon the work he began and striving to create more opportunity for the next generation of Americans.

Today, I am proud to commemorate the extraordinary life and service of César Chávez.

Let us continue to strive together for a brighter future and honor the legacy and life of César Chávez.

Si, se puede!  Yes, it can be done!


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