Statement on Preliminary Election Results

Statement from Compton Mayor Aja Brown on Tuesday’s election results:

“Thank you for the love, support and prayers throughout this entire election process. For those who voted to finish the work with us, thank you. To every single person who picked up a phone and called someone on our behalf, knocked on doors, hung signs, helped out in the campaign office, liked, shared and retweeted news about our campaign–thank you. To all of our supporters in Compton and beyond–thank you!

“With a little over 1,700 ballots left to count, we led the way with 2,435 votes. We expect the last ballots to be counted on April 27. Our goal is to finish with at least 50% of the vote! Again, thank you everyone for your love, support and prayers. Let’s finish the work!”

Mayor Brown led the vote Tuesday in both vote by mail and with voters at the polls.

All candidates must receive more than 50 percent of the vote to avoid the runoff election June 6.

Citywide voter registration in Compton is 45,135. The overall voter turnout in Tuesday’s election was 5,241 or 11.6 percent.

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