My Opponent’s Dangerous Rhetoric

“I’m getting ready to run her back to Pasadena where she belongs,”
Omar Bradley, Long Beach Press Telegram, April 19, 2017

I am a third generation resident who bought my home in Compton almost a decade ago. Mr. Bradley knows the tragic story behind my mother’s decision to move out of Compton. Almost every family in Compton has suffered a loss due to violence. Some families chose to leave–some stayed. My husband and I chose to come back to Compton and we made a commitment when we purchased our home and began serving the community. Some people are living in the past and refuse to recognize that the majority of Compton residents are immigrants, who just like me, chose to raise their families in Compton. No one alive decided where they were born or where they were raised. As adults we can decide where we invest our money and raise our families.

What my opponent said is dangerous rhetoric. If as a third generation resident, whose grandparents, mother, father, uncles, aunts, cousins all raised their families in Compton is considered an outsider, how does this same person feel about the majority of our city who were not born and raised in Compton?

We are living in dangerous times, where the federal government is mandating running people out of our country. We are a nation of immigrants many of which came to America seeking a better life.

Compton is my home. It’s where I belong. Let’s get back to the business of moving our city forward. Our children and the next generation are depending on us.

Let’s Finish the Work!

–Aja Brown

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