Mayor Aja Brown made history at 31 as the youngest mayor ever elected in the City of Compton.  A national trailblazer, Mayor Brown’s ‘New Vision for Compton’ is a revitalization strategy centered on 12-key principles that focus on family values, quality of life, economic development and infrastructural growth. She was overwhelmingly re-elected to a second four-year term in June of 2017.

Mayor Brown is focused on improving outcomes through policy reform, innovation and strategic partnerships. She proudly serves the Citizens of Compton by developing and implementing public policies that facilitate guided growth through the protection of community assets.

Since taking office, Mayor Brown has launched several community initiatives and policy changes aimed at reducing crime by tackling tough issues such as gang intervention, and domestic human trafficking head on. The Mayor’s efforts to fortify the City have been instrumental in eliminating hourly motel rentals and condemning businesses that incubate human trafficking, and other illicit activity. In June 2014, Mayor Brown started Compton Empowered, a community based gang reduction and intervention initiative focused on empowering ex-gang members to take back their neighborhoods through peace treaties, unity activities and employment opportunities. The efforts of Mayor Brown and participating community members have resulted in a nearly 50% decrease in homicides from 2014 to 2015 and continues to be the leading agency of community driven safety reform throughout the City.

Mayor Brown has been successful in reducing the unemployment rate by 50 percent in Compton from 18 percent in July of 2013, to 9 percent in the month of December 2015, through the implementation of industry-specific vocational training programs, while successfully attracting new companies and employment to the City. The Mayor has executed policy that improves access to Compton City employment through the First Source Hiring Agreement, adopted in October 2013, which mandates 35 percent local hiring for city assisted and funded projects that often times yield neighborhood improvement.

Mayor Brown is the recipient of the esteemed 2016 John F. Kennedy New Frontier Award, she has received the Brave Ones Leadership Award by Leadercast in 2015 and was awarded the prestigious University of Southern California 2014 Young Alumni Merit Award. Mayor Brown served on the California State Delta Stewardship Council from late 2014 to 2016, a governing body created by legislation to achieve the state mandated coequal goals of providing a more reliable water supply for California and protecting, restoring, and enhancing the Delta ecosystem. Mayor Brown has also led young women and girls empowerment efforts with her esteemed partnership with Girls Fly!, a global initiative geared at exposing young women and girls to careers in science, technology, engineering, arts and math.

Mayor Brown has received a lauded number of honors, including the National Action Network Martin Luther King Award, for her youth, women’s rights and socio-economic equality work in advocacy. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Policy, Urban Planning and Development, along with a Master’s degree in Urban Planning with a concentration in Economic Development from the University of Southern California. She is married to her best friend of 14 years, Van Brown.

Mayor Aja Brown has released Vision for Compton: A 3-Year Progress Report that provides an all encompassing view of the progress made under the Mayor’s 12-Point Vision For Compton platform.

The 12-Point Vision For Compton platform is a strategic approach to improving the quality of life for Compton families with public safety, economic development and community building as core building blocks.

The 12-points the platform is centered around include:

1. Update City Policies & Plans
2. Improve Transparency
3. Improve Efficiency
4. City Finance Stabilization
5. Local Economic Growth
6. Improve Business Relations
7. Improve Public Safety
8. Youth Development
9. Healthy Compton Initiative
10. Beautification & Streets Improvements
11.  Culture & Arts
12. Citywide Emergency Response Plan


  • In 2013, I introduced a motion to review and update the City’s existing fee schedule that is expected to generate over $1.3 Million in new City revenue annually
  • Reduced $43 Million deficit to $36 Million and approved a 15-year repayment plan while restructuring our existing bonds
  • Approved balanced budgets each fiscal year
  • Restructured employee benefits package, which will reduce the demand on tax payer dollars.

  • Led and organized coalition effort to introduce and pass SB107, a law that protects employee pensions, restores millions in funds 
  • Restored City workforce and eliminated furloughs


Using my 10 + years of economic development experience, I have attracted millions of dollars in new investment to the city, including the Compton Brickyard,  Fortune 500 companies, new grocery stores, big box retailers, new eateries and new small businesses. I’ve worked with existing shopping centers to remodel their centers—as seen in the Compton Town Center.


  • Introduced the “First Source Local Hiring and Community Benefits Agreement” that mandated a minimum of 35% local hiring, local procurement and developer impact contributions in October 2013
  • Reduced local unemployment by 10%–down from 18% in 2013 to 8% in 2016
  • Negotiated Community Benefits Agreement with the Compton Brickyard Project that included: $250,000 local hiring program, $200,000 toward repaving Central Avenue along the front of the property and 10 cents truck trip fee to fund local street maintenance from the heavy truck traffic
  • Hosted annual job fairs servicing over 2,000 residents
  • Attracted new jobs to Compton from companies including UPS, Goodman Bircher and multiple new tenants in the Gateway
    Towne Center includingMarshall’s, Chipotle, Menchee’s, Dollar Tree, Starbucks, Pizza Studio, Yogurtland, Chase Bank–with 400 new jobs in the pipeline.  New restaurants Steak N’Shake and Jersey Mikes will be opening soon
  • Attracted new grocery stores to Compton including Smart N’Final Extra, Grocery Outlet and also worked with Walmart to ensure local hiring of employees that amounts to nearly 50% Compton residents
  • Business attraction efforts led to Fortune 500 company UPS as a tenant to the Compton Brickyard. UPS will provide a minimum of 35% local employment and also invest a guaranteed minimum of $70 Million in equipment purchases in our local economy over the next 10 years


  • Hosted the 2014 We Run Compton run club
  • Attracted and secured a free yoga class at Kelly Park
  • Hosted the 2015 Healthy Compton Community Challenge that provided 1,000 free organic bags of produce to Compton residents
  • Hosted the 2016 Healthy Compton Community Festival and secured support from Venus and Serena Williams to refurbish the tennis courts at Leuders Park
  • New playground equipment installed at Wilson Park and Leuders Park
  • Basketball courts resurfaced at Kelly Park
  • Secured partnership with KaBOOM! who built a new playground at South Park in the 4th District


  • The City historically has appropriated $0 in General Fund dollars for street repairs due to poor financial condition of the City
  • I introduced Measure P in 2014, which was passed by voters in June 2016, and will generate approximately $8 Million annually to REPAIR EVERY STREET in Compton, improve lighting, renovate our parks, expand hiring for City employees and enhance public safetyWe’ve accomplished the following with Grant Funds:
    • $3 Million in reconstruction for Central Avenue
    • $2.9 Million in reconstruction for Wilmington Avenue, including pedestrian and bicycle enhancements
    • $9 Million in residential street resurfacing
    • $6 Million in grant funding for Compton Boulevard street reconstruction and pedestrian and bicycle enhancements in progress


  • Launched the Community Policing Task Force that includes the L.A. County Sheriff, FBI, Probation Department, District Attorney’s Office and Compton Unified School District to tackle gang violence and human trafficking on a united front
  • Established the Compton EMPOWERED Gang Intervention Initiative.  As a result, in 2015 we experienced the lowest number of homicides in over 20 years
  • Compton was selected for the U.S. Department of Justice Violence Reduction Network designation that provides technical support to reduce, prevent and suppress crime in Compton
  • Banned hourly motel rentals in the City of Compton to suppress human tracking on Long Beach Boulevard


  • Launched a NEW City website that includes online bill-pay for customers
  • Launched NEW City mobile app available for download on all platforms
  • Created an online presence for the City of Compton through social media engagement
  • Launched the Mayor’s quarterly newsletter to educate and inform residents on Compton news, programs and progress
  • Introduced the free pilot program I-Shop Best, designed to assess, streamline and reduce government waste through centralized purchasing. The initial assessment phase has been completed.
  • Introduced NEW online Bill Pay
  • Introduced NEW online Permit process


  • The Compton Freedom School has provided two years of free literacy programs to Compton kids
  • The 2014 Summer Leadership Experience was a 6-week program for Compton youth
  • Compton girl and young ladies were chosen for the Young Ladies Bloom Mentorship program
  • For three years, the My Brother’s Keeper initiative serviced over 200 Compton boys and young men
“Over the last three and a half years, I’ve fought hard to bring millions of dollars in new revenue to restore our city, attract new jobs and improve our reputation, but the work is not done! Over the next four years, with your support we can finish the work and restore our city! Are you in?”


- Mayor Aja Brown

Fixing Compton’s Streets

In 2013, we had $0 dedicated to funding our streets. Over the last three years, we've secured:

  • Nearly 100 repaved residential streets equally dispersed throughout all four district
  • Filled thousands of potholes to stabilize our streets in order to prevent future damage and minimize safety hazards
  • Completed Phase 1 of Central Avenue with plans to start Phase 2 in the summer of 2017
  • Wilmington Avenue is currently under construction adding new lighted sidewalks, bike lanes and ADA curb access
  • Compton Boulevard will be fully completed in 2017 including repairs and enhancements


Below is an example of the process and time required to reconstruct major streets.

Wilmington Ave/ Reconstruction
(El Segundo Blvd. to Rosecrans Ave.)
Funding Source: $1.2 million in grant funds

  • 2014 FALL
    Funds received for street repairs
  • 2015
    Bidding process and approval for design of street improvements
  • DECEMBER 2016
    Construction of gutters and curbs begins on Wilmington Ave.
  • SPRING 2017
    Re-pavement of Wilmington Ave. currently under construction

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